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According to the empirical evidence, increasing the benefits of gender diversity on boards for company value and sustainability, is a function of raising women’s voice on corporate boards.

Thus, the issue of increasing the benefits of board representation of women must go beyond numbers and quotas.
The mandatory and voluntary regulatory actions use external corporate governance mechanisms as regulation. However, if gender diversity issues are solely promoted by external mechanisms, the benefits would be limited.

There has not been a thorough study that examines the internal corporate governance mechanisms that promote gender diversity on boards.
Gender diversity in corporate decision making would lead to a development in economic and social welfare. In this project, internal corporate governance mechanisms and best practices, common to different cultures within Europe that promote gender diversity will be identified and promoted through adult education modules.

Thus, the main aim of the project is to identify the internal corporate governance mechanisms that support “gender diversity and women voice” on corporate boards for different cultures and find the commonalities to promote them across countries. Since the project partners have diversified cultural and regulatory profiles, the company policies and best practices will have more generalizability globally. An impactful contribution to the global corporate governance principles is expected.

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