Key Concepts:

Discovering the regulations landscaping the gender diversity on corporate boards

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  • Comprehend the Evolution of Gender Diversity Legislation: Participants will understand the evolution and historical development of laws and regulations aimed to improve gender balance on corporate boards. 
  • Explore Different Approaches to Gender Balance on Corporate Boards: Learners will explore the diversity of different national approaches within the EU for promoting gender balance, including mandatory quotas, “comply or explain” frameworks, and measures supporting women’s participation in corporate governance, such as maternity leave policies for board members.
  • Analyze the Effectiveness of Gender Quotas: Trainees will learn about the impact and effectiveness of gender quotas in various jurisdictions, examine case studies from countries like Norway, France, and Germany and understand the challenges and successes associated with these regulatory approaches.
  • Understand the Scope and Enforcement of Gender Diversity Regulations: Participants will gain insights into the specific requirements of gender diversity laws, including quota percentages, the scope of applicability (e.g., listed vs. non-listed companies), and the sanctions or penalties for non-compliance.
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