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GENDER DIVERSITY in corporate boards

Is there any gender diversity in corporate boards?

In recent years, there has been an increasing emphasis on gender diversity in coprporate boards. Although it will take may decades before equality is reached, progress is made. Read more in our e-book.

Does gender diversity affect corporate leadership?

The impact of gender diversity on corporate leadership has been widely debated for many years. In a review on this topic, looking at the impact from a global perspective, analysis showed a huge impact in succes.

Why you need gender diversity in the workplace:

  1. it can improve financial performance.
  2. it broadens your customer base.
  3. it improves problem-solving.
  4. it helps with recruiting and retention.
  5. it is a law already!

Please support us in providing information for our project.
This questionnaire is prepared for the ongoing Erasmus+ Project titled “Gender Diversity on Corporate Boards: A Road to Sustainability (EQUBUSINESS)”, funded by the European Commission.

Participation to the survey is on a voluntary basis. Personal information will not be requested from you and your answers will only be used for scientific purposes.

Thank you in advance for your valuable help and contributions.

Our why

Gender diversity on corporate boards:
A road to sustainability

Gender diversity in corporate decision making would lead to a development in economic and social welfare. 

In this project, internal corporate governance mechanisms and best practices, common to different cultures within Europe that promote gender diversity will be identified and promoted through adult education modules. Thus, the main aim of the project is to identify the internal corporate governance mechanisms that support “gender diversity and women voice” on corporate boards for different cultures and find the commonalities to promote them across countries. 

Since the project partners have diversified cultural and regulatory profiles, the company policies and best practices will have more generalizability globally. Thus, an impactful contribution to the global corporate governance principles is expected.

Our partners


We are a group of 6 partner institutes working together om this EU funded project. Five University partners and a supporting company.


We are based in Turkey, Belgium, Spain, Lithuania and the Netherlands.


We all do believe gender equality in corporate boards will create more sustainable decisions, and thus a better world.


We do work according the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals, specifically GOAL 5


We educate the world by doing research, promoting gender equality in the news and bringing results to our educational institutes and network.


We are in open to be educated by you too.


We invite YOU! To participate in our surveys, bringing information to our team and share your best practices on our website.


We invite you to be an extended partner of our team, become an ambassador!

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